Are square eyes an actual thing?

Oh my god. I don't think I have EVER looked a screen so much in my life. Ever.

I have been absolutely SLAVING over my Mac baby, creating a new website and the monstrosity of a brain child that is - my first eBook!

It's been a mission. But it has been super fun and challenging all in one, and I am SOOOOOO proud of the result.

I got some serious 'Imposter Syndrome' attacks the day I finished this fist one... I just felt soooo exposed, so fearful of what people might think of it, of me as a designer, of me as a person...because it is literally my BRAIN laid out in a document...and that right there is some intimate stuff.

But a super gorgeous friend of mine quoted to me;

'Fear is most apparent when closest to our purpose."

(Amanda Hill, Life coach extraodinaire)

And, it really is true. The work that I am most proud of, are the ones that I lost sleep over, sometimes in absolute dread but mostly in excitement and anticipation. Then I wake up, get the job done, stand back, and feel proud AF that I pulled that off.

So... Here it comes people! Not long now until the launch of the first one.

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Love and Light

Annie xx